Start Your Own Business in 2019 ! Minimum Capital !

Do you imagine yourself doing the same traditional work for the rest ( 20 ..what, 30 years practically all prime years) of your life. This same valid question has been asked a million times by people like me, who are really fed up in settling for less ! And many times we have been made to believe or convinced that it's very difficult if not,impossible to get out of the rut. If you don't resist, you're bound for a mediocre life by your own choice.

This post is my way of proposing a Better Happy New Year 2019 to everybody ! 

How can we improve our financial future, first let me tell you honestly about these natural, health products which I'm now marketing, first because I myself have proven that they really work and solve or treat major health problems, or beauty/skin concerns . Not only for myself, but also my own friends and acquaintances have proven the products to work in improving their health conditions, then I've made an extensive research and studied ganoderma (red mushroom specie) on which the products are based, and also mixed with other equally potent herbs to give maximum health benefits to the body! This is the main reason why I use Dxn Ganoderma health products ! This is a business you can do while you're working in your traditional job.

But while I use their products to help myself and others, with every purchase Dxn company pays me cash bonuses and incentives and what's more, I also earn from every purchase of my downlines or people who decided to become Distributors or dealers under my group. This implies that each Distributor, while an independent business manager,can also rely on teamwork and support from both the company and in my personal case , from the upline. So you,as a Distributor , are not traversing the Dxn business on your own. Let me assist you where you need one.

If you register as a Distributor with a minimum capital of only Eur 200 , you will instantly become your own boss and manager of your own internationally legitimate business ! The company which in itself  manages everything-from cultivation of ganoderma,processing, packaging to the marketing or distribution of the products, provides the lowest and most affordable pricing in its sector,without compromising the integrity and quality of the finished products. The company provides all the tools a business manager needs, like your own business dashboard or website where you're able to track all records, whether somebody from Switzerland maybe, registered directly on your website,how much they purchased,you can check your monthly cash earnings , the Dxn Distributor website also provides all the necessary information about ganoderma and the natural health products we are marketing in many different languages like the link provided here. The cash bonuses from the company is only half the financial story, because I have time to offer and sell the products to people therefore, I earn so much more from retail profits or direct selling. 

The company was established in 1993 in Malaysia and to date,is legitimately marketing in over 180 countries. My upline is British, and now I'm marketing from Rome, Italy and I discovered that unknown people from some provinces in Italy and also Switzerland have directly registered thru my 

Recently while I was accompanying my daughter and her friend around Rome, I discovered this nice soaps shop! Who would have thought that a simple thing as a soap could turn out to be a great business idea attracting young teenagers, young adults and even,surprisingly,young boys .. (watch related vid below)

Now, if one could make a good international business out of a soap which is inferior in essence, and limited in marketing capabilities, I believe that we have a greater opportunity for financial breakthrough with Dxn Ganoderma ! So let me encourage you to change your financial future,maybe  you have heard these lines, but you have not acted on it. Now I'm offering you a way to concretize your dream and start your way to financial freedom! I'm willing to help you, please don't hesitate to send me a message thru whatsapp +39 3894868377 or leave a message thru our facebook link.
Happy New Year 2019! GOD BLESS us all Tremendously in JESUS name Amen!


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