5 Ways To Earn Online!

These days when competition for employment is quite stiff or, personal situations like that of a young mother with little kids, or even if you are already employed, sometimes we still need extra income to make ends meet.

And here let me share some of the ways you can help yourself, to re-invent our financial situations and create our own job opportunities.

1. You can earn at no cost, (some websites require a registration fee) but whatever your specialization is, if you are graphic designer, web developer, a computer programmer,marketing analyst or simply a literary enthusiast like me, you can check out FIVERR.Com  or UPWORK.Com  and find the job opportunity that best suits your skill. Personally, I've had opportunities to earn from writing content for other private companies, but I had to quit mainly because I can't afford to sit-infront of the computer for hours on end, carrying out researches for a subject that I've been commissioned to tackle,and then still edit it, but the pay is quite sufficient,nowadays this kind of work earns you $10 per thousand words. It can be a convenient  alternative to a traditional or regular job, if you get to create or submit 5 to 10 articles a day or a week. Check it out if you're up for the challenge.

2.Thru Amazon Affiliate Marketing Or in banner form like this;

You can earn a referral fee for every person who signs up on an Amazon service 

You can also sell your personal items, as it is with e-Bay.

3. Thru Google Adsense ; this goes if you have your own personal website or blogsites where you can avail of Sponsored Ads provided by Google thru Adsense. Google provides with Ads or Sponsors for your personal domains or websites and you get paid for every thousand visitors or clicks on your website,it's the same way with Youtube.com and you can link your websites to your personal domains or websites or blogsites.

4. Selling Ad Space; this goes if you own a website/s where you can offer space/s on your platform or domain to private companies or even individuals, requesting to be featured on your online territory.

So far these are the opportunites that I myself have explored, although not in-depth due to varied reasons. But as it is, I have witnessed a lot of people thrive on internet job opportunities. All you need is time, patience and determination.

Here's wishing you the best as you explore these 'waters' also. GOD BLESS!


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