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 Trussardi Bags

 Trussardi Bags

Good day friends! As it is, I have ventured into online marketing, particularly with . I have initially opted for the Wordpress web templates (physical appearance online ) to sell, but it proved to be a harder nut to crack, compared to my blogger accounts. There are (were) many major points that Wordpress limit a blogger with his/her options,particularly with the earning perspective. One is with adding or inserting codes into your or one's free plan, although I have shelled out some dough for a few personal domains a few times before, for blogs I deem, really count. I have tried many times and hard enough to monetize or tweak my online marketing with Wordpress platform,but to no avail. Wordpress won't allow you to personally edit your own free domain,unless you shift or upgrade to their business plan,which means you must pay some money before you are allowed to do any (monetizing) thing to your account with them.Never sweated so much in blogging before as much as with Wordpress. 

Blogger, which is Adsense or Google's extension,on the other hand, gives unlimited leeways on all fronts, much to the delight of money-seeking blogger. I have blogged so many years without any problem with this Google platform. But it's good to retain at least one Wordpress account for any hopes of improved service. I hope to be able to help many private individuals and friends on how to earn in your own terms, where you are free to manage your own time and place or location is no hindrance. The future looks bright,the possibilities are endless.

Today's Gold NuggetHE Who did not spare HIS Own SON,but gave HIM up for us all--how will HE not also, along with HIM, graciously give us all things?

Hebrews 8:32


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