I've just discovered a very excellent source of information on self-improvement. Don't be intimidated by the handsome-ness of the speaker Pastor LAnce Wallnau,but he is a bomb of a motivation that will inspire you to move higher with your goals. His teaching is both practical and biblical and he provides illustrations to aid our understanding and I am sure a will be a regular part of his audience on his webinars. His last webinar entitled 'Grounded in the Kingdom' expounded on relevant secular issues as tied to the biblical concepts and how important it is for us to stay grounded on the WORD inspite of all the shaking going on around us be it in the political,social or economic even geographic areas. We could use all the information that is giving out in our practical living. Although his rhetoric might not be that easy to understand if you're not so familiar with the Bible, but if you're a CHristian it should be a tremendous help in achieving our life objectives.


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