TIDBITS OF DAYS:Work and Whatever

Inspite of his already good book 'Treetops 5'(with CD Rom) where we or he gets to practice English in all the important areas like listening to simple stories(to get the student used to the English pronunciation, playing interactive games linked to the lessons in the book, writing and reading in English, I. still insisted on me buying for him the book I have New English Files which is basically the same as 'Treetops 5' but NEF comes with more illustrated useful verbs and English vocabulary. Since in my opinion, it costs too much € 35, I suggested that we buy a used one which would save him half of the original price but that he would have to erase the answers of the former owner. I had to insist even though he really preferred the new one.So now, we use New English Files in our lessons and I have to say I'm satisfied with his progress and at ten he and his sister 8 year Old M. now occasionally talk to me in simple English.
In another set of students we have a new 'additive' in our two-kid lesson,A1, Fgirl and the new entry A2 I call him who is also a quick learner and all these kids are smart and hyper and fun-loving they either complain to me (oh no,it's that same old stuff/game again) or they don't pay attention to me.We were already having fun even before A2 entered the scene/English course,because as it is in western culture kids are kind of paired early on in their youth,so A2 and Fgirl are sorta' lovers and playmates and classmates all rolled in one,sometimes I am really awed at how this pair show their affection for each other in sweet and playfully innocent ways.But now with A2, A1 has started to be distracted because I sense he's found a smart rival in his namesake.Now it's less simple for me because A1 is easily provoked and so they mix playing with fighting. I love immensely these kids,best of all Bgirl who looks like a young goddess of beauty and grace and she's very intelligent,she reflects the principles of her family. Aside from kids I also teach adults and Italian professionals and have to run to and fro around Rome,sometimes in the nearby outskirts.
Now in relation to the picture shown above,I spotted them again at the fleamarket,whereas in a retail shop it could easily cost me around €50,I didn't think twice I bought these two pairs at a price of €2 respectively and they're new.I also bought a casual white trench for only €10 which could cost between € 80 and €90 in the store.
Another good thing I would share today is that I have succeeded (again) in not drinking Coke softdrink for more than two weeks now,actually since I contracted an uncomfortable sorethroat which I blame to excessive Coke-ing. I now delight myself with pineapple juice drink. And the last good thing worth sharing today is 'Switchfoot' it's a great Christian band with really extra-ordinary talents and voice and an even more extra-ordinary message in their songs.They deliver hip Christian music but I also root for Kurt Carr I wish you'd check out their music.


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