This is our five-year old daughter's handiwork,like most kids she loves to draw. She was looking outside the window and saw this flower plant and her illustration came out simply beautiful. I may want to use this as a little logo for something ?
The Mini-Castle
It's where Carlotta lives,my former student who's an Italian high school sophomore. She lives about 10 minutes away from our house, in an uphill mansion secured by a tall concrete fence and surrounded by a spacious garden, right within Rome proper. She 's an only child and she's mostly alone in their house in the afternoons as her parents both work. I met her dad just once,during our initial lesson. Obviously this family doesn't belong to the middle income class. Although they're only three in the family they have this stately residence with many rooms,as opposed to typical Italians who rent or live in a condo unit. Towards the end of our course,they have begun major renovations in their mini-castle so there have been a lot of construction equipment scattered around their property,several laborers and technicians plus,uncomfortable noise that distracts.One thing about Carlotta besides being an animal lover, is that she's extremely smart, she signed up for an English course with our school to help her with her upcoming PET (Prelim. English Test). The only student that I also had who lives in a similar degree of affluence is Francesco,an Aeronautical college sophomore. Basically majority of my students are well-off and gracious, thankfully.


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