Welcome Spring ! I'm glad that the weather is more friendly these days and would be so,for the next weeks of this season. It's my favorite time of year because it accounts for flourishing,growth,colors, sun and brightness. I have determined in my mind I will find time to focus more in marketing DXN products here in Italy. As of now, DXN has not yet gone full blast in terms of marketing here whereas in the neighboring European countries like Estonia, Germany, London and Hungary it is steadily flourishing. My group actually has gathered a lot of orders and re-orders and we forward them to Estonia. It is also not a secret that in Asia,particularly in the Philippines DXN has gotten foothold in its sector. And so I have intentionally converted my Italian blog into a personal platform for the marketing of DXN here in Italy. As it is, there are already many groups marketing DXN here in Italy, but they're not yet organized very well because there is no central office that can manage all the transactions and act as supply center. It will require a lot of sweat to organize everything like acquiring business permit and financial capital and extensive training on how to grow the company. SO GOD help us. note: I apologize for the hacked posts about 'viagra' I have no idea where they're coming from and why this unknown person does this unnecessary blog-act.He must be very good in IT or computer and he could easily own his/her own site where he can post anything. I pray to GOD that this person realizes that it's really not worth it to invade another person's space,and that he finds in his heart the love of GOD.


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Sam D. said...

DXN is really good! I'm a regular buyer of their product back in PI :-)Thank you for the post.

ICoR said...

@SAM D. Yes, it's also very in-demand here,because of its strong healing reaction and it's also purely herbal. JIA

Anonymous said...

Really good news!!!:D
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