Italian Exchange

I finally updated my Italian blogsite after two years of absence. I abandoned it right after my initial post because I 'm still brushing up with my italian and because I'm too engrossed with all my duties as a working mother, who is still moonlighting for extra income. I think now I'm pretty more up-to it/italian blog. There are many developments worldwide that are worth sharing to the Italian public especially to those who don't understand nor speak English. Of course they can always get it from the TV news but that 'personal touch' of sharing information shouldn't be under-estimated,considering not all news are covered by even the nationwide news reports. I intend for this blog to serve as a go-between or an exchange platform for the Italian community and wherever my personal outreach extends. I also intend to include tidbits of English lessons for Italians. And I hope to gain more Italian friends who can help me improve my fluency in Italian.


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