Human Enhancement Revolution a.k.a. Trans-Humanism

Continued from previous post:
The Speaker Mr. Tom Horn supported his claims with many documents and news reports from diverse prestigious news and government sources. Here are some TV screen shots to prove the veracity of these scientific research and experiments. And I won't be surprised if the next blockbuster film is about a main character with mixed physical appearance like 'Avatar' or similar characters. The proponents of this technological ideology would love to campaign through films or the media forms to emphasize the benefits of Human Enhancement Revolution or Trans-Humanism. They will suggest a world without hunger,poverty, discrimination (even against homosexuals because they will be downplayed by an avalanche of varieties of species), no limitations (mental/mind powers) as the brain will be electronically empowered by chip implants that will dwarf Albert Einstein's IQ and any other existing brain capacity. Although it's sort of irrelevant I believe it will be boosted or helped by heavenly mysteries like UFO sightings and other similar unexplainable occurences relating to the skies.
But with Human Enforcement Revolutionor Trans-Humanism you can bid goodbye to things that make our life worth living like family affections,sanctity of life or basic human rights, love,happiness and joys and like things. With Human Enhancement Revolution or Trans-Humanism I think there won't be pro-creation anymore,no kids, no human rights, no moral boundaries.

To add, I believe this technology will be introduced right this year 2012 when predictions from majority of beliefs like Maya, Hindi etc. claim a major world change will take place,even claiming the end of the world. At this point,we are witnessing the re-aligning of major world events in economy,politics,society in general and even in the nature or drastic weather changes;all pushing for the creation of a one world government and singular monetary currency.


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