Human Enhancement Revolution a.k.a. Trans-Humanism Part 1

Human Enhancement Revolution a.k.a. Trans-Humanism
This is the science that scientifically mixes animal genes with that of human. To better understand it, just be reminded of movies like 'X-Men' or 'Wolverine' which in a way were secular prophecies for the future interaction between humanity and technology,or images of luminous piglets by Chinese scientists, or a piglet with ear-wings. Films are usually used as forerunners or foretellers of the coming trends in our society in general, just remember the 'James Bond' movies or Sci-fi movies which featured many technologies which we thought were only fantasy (like the digi-cam, celphones etc.) but now are almost considered as indispensable in the high-tech society. Now,all you have to do is google-up the keyword 'Human Enhancement Revolution or Trans-Humanism and maybe you'll be surprised to find out that in many parts of the world,many scientists have actually carried out these experiments (perhaps successfully,in some cases) but that the information come in drops through secular media and in many ways we all have been fully or tigthly secularized and de-sensitized as individuals or as a society. This science stretches both the technological and scientific possibilities beyond ethical or moral limits. Although I personally agree that it can offer medical solutions or cure to chronic diseases.As it is,even in Great Britain there have been cases where some couples were able to choose the color of the skin,eyes or hair of their next baby through gene modification. I also know that one can even choose to instill the specialization or talent/skill of the unborn through gene modification. Just over a week ago I chanced upon a copy of a Science magazine 'Focus' where the cover featured a human head with a chip implant. I know that apart from data storage purposes (medical or personal information) this is also connected in some ways to video or computer games,now we have the technology where you can play using sensors through Wii,but pretty soon I believe a new Beta technology will allow video game players to play using only thoughts and telekinetic powers. There are actually a host of ongoing biological/technological experiments that would help prepare or condition the world to the inevitable new order. But going back to the Human Enhancement revolution, I know that although it sounds scary (if you're not already conditioned or de-sensitized through secularization or humanism), I think it would be attractive and appealing to many because it will rid humans of physical or normal limitations (our mind is a very powerful and very complicated machine,and wars are being waged to win it). Come to think of it,in exorcism things move by the power of the mind (possesed).

To be continued .. .


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