Hubby's New Poloshirt

I just bought this new poloshirt for my husband at a discounted price of Euros 15. It hadn't been easy buying this because the store where I bought doesn't accept credit cards for payments. That day I was left with a few Euros in cash and I still had to buy a few errands and my little daughter also requested a particular piece of italian bread,it would be inappropriate to pay with credit card,for things that cost only a few pennies. So when I was buying this poloshirt I informed the saleslady that I would pay by creditcard and she pointed right away to the sign that say they don't accept credit cards, for what reason I don't know.It just proves to customers that they are not that up-to-date with the modern financial transactions,considering their store is located at the center of Rome. So since I really like this poloshirt which is the last of its size XL and the price is amicable I had to go out and find the nearest ATM to withdraw cash.
This polo shirt tends to make the wearer look younger and trendy. I'm 46 and my husband is 56.They say that I don't look my age,mainly because when I was younger I learned that wearing make-up puts weight on the face which tends to pull the skin down.I also choose casual clothing with light colors which emphasize younger appearance. Also,owing to good metabolism it's easy lose body fats and maintain a balanced figure, even without having to follow a regular exercise regimen. Now I do wear make up to be more presentable to people I deal with in my work. This month we also bought trendy shoes and jeans for him because I really want him to look younger and better.


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DesignerMom said...

love the polo... I love white shirt and polo because it make you look neat and clean...