I've recently joined Purebloggers.com with the prospect of gaining more exposure and connecting with other bloggers. I also checked if there's anything fishy or suspicious about this new social network for bloggers,so far I've found no real scam reports but understandably,being a new site there's not much information available about it.But considering all the on-line plagues and troubles and phishing scams,it is but expected that many bloggers would be apprehensive to sign-up.My advice is proceed with Caution I did sign up last month and I see that the creators are also feeling their way through their 'Facebook' ideals. But I hope that Purebloggers.com really hit it bigtime in this new field for bloggers only. And so far,I've had no problems with it nor did I read any problems by bloggers who are linked to it,except understandably apprehensions,suspicions and skeptisms. I 've read though from some of its members that they've been getting more traffic so it's something positive.I also heard that Purebloggers.com provide income generating options like selling or buying items just like with ebay. It's ok to be cautious but let's also give a chance to techno-preneurs who are trying to make it big by coming up with a unique platform exclusively for us bloggers.


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