Daughter's Sweet Gesture

I'm sure all or most little daughters have an innate generous or giving nature.Just like our little one. I really thank GOD that my little daughter has this attitude of sharing, not only to her own family but also to her friends or even mere acquaintances. When I pick her up from school she usually stays longer to play with other kids at the school playground and she would share her snack (the other kids also share their snack) to her friends. Sometimes she tells me that her classmate gave her a drawing. Or she would give me her own handiwork from school. This noon as we were going to the fleamarket to buy something,she brought along this fancy wedding poetry album which I gave her, and along the way she picked up these flowers to give to me. This is a habit that goes out also to our extended family like her grandma or her Auntie or little cousins. I point this out because I've never had this attitude when I was her age. And seeing this side of her makes me grateful to GOD for giving me joy through this simple daughter's trait.


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