Convoy Of Hope:Joyce Meyer Ministries

I wouldn't have known that Joplin Missouri USA was devastated by a super hurricane Irene last year had I not been watching Daystar Network's Joyce Meyer Ministries. It's sad to know about the all the damages to properties and lives. I learned that Hurricane Irene practically caused 5 to 6-mile wide of devastation in Joplin Missouri. It's not easy to be in that situation,but it is our opportunity to help rebuild lives in any way we can,like donating service or financial support to missions like Convoy of Hope of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Joyce Meyer not only empowers and equips Christians with powerful Biblical principles,but she also has set-up missions that literally help those in need,in many ways like in this case;re-building destroyed homes,or supplying basic commodities to victims, setting up schools,settlement shelters or institutions that support the needy,help other missions.If you are battling with life difficulties that seem hard to overcome the best weapon is confessing specific GOD's WORD that deal with the weakness.And learn from the Great golden teachings of this powerful woman of GOD.


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reyah said...

I'm following joyce meyer....i am inspired by her teaching.

ICoR said...

@ Reyah to me Joyce Meyer makes more sense than oprah.My life has greatly improved through her teachings.GOD BLESS Reyah,Tremendously ! JIA