Vodafone SIM lost

I maintain two cellular numbers, one for personal calls and the other for business purposes. Sad to say, I lost the business SIM or my Vodafone number. For many days now, I am without it.But it's good that I keep a log of my business transactions in paper form so I still have some important numbers of my clients.Now I am considering acquiring another Vodafone number for work-related or business calls.Besides my regular day job, I do a lot of sidejobs to multiply our income,I am a freelance real estate agent, a DXN herbal and natural vitamins and supplements distributor, and also credit promoter. Many times I need to get in touch with people I don't really know that well and so for me it would be safer to use a separate number for business purposes. I prefer to use another carrier or phone operator. so that I can avail of the bonuses or promotions from two different cellular companies,that way I can easily call other numbers (of the same phone carrier, for free courtesy of promotions. Of course in line with this,I will need a quadband phone.I say quaDband,because I prefer clearer communications which is not always so with dual band. Anyway,the electronic stores always offer discount promos for celphones and other gadgets.Here's to a peaceful continuation of good business with a new Vodafone Sim.


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sm said...

sorry to know about your sim
i hope you inform the company you the lost the sim.

ICoR said...

@ sm thanks for your comment,it's easierto replace it.GOD BLES,Tremendously ! JIA