Most Recent Snow in Rome

Snow covered most of Rome when it snowed last Thursday and Friday (February 2 & 3), as classes and public transport were suspended. It was the heaviest snowfall in twelve years. And Roman citizens welcomed the cold white with open arms and some snow games like snowball throwing and mini snow bob.We contented ourselves with building a mini snowman without a face, when we dared experience the whiteness of snow.But during the night I can't help but think of the poor homeless beggars who have to weather the harshness of winter,some of them die from freezing. There are some charitable shelters but maybe most of these organizations ask for many requirements like one can only sleep once or twice a week, or enter and leave on fixed hours (limited time) etc. And they maintain a certain quota of persons that they can accommodate, as far as I know or have learned from a TV docu. Last night I was trying to figure out, if I had enough resources, I could rent out a huge truck with heating and mount multiple beds in it and have it parked in a warm paid private parking space. I know it's not that simple. I was thinking if people relied on someone else to initiate the assistance,it would probably never take place. There are similar thoughts in my mind,to share and help.But I think this is not yet the ripe time.As it is, I am a working mother who barely has enough time for everything that needs to be done.
Going back to the most recent snow in Rome, I had planned to take my daughter to snow in the mountains but I thought maybe, when she's older like six or seven years old. But my Lord Jesus brought it to her earlier. Here are some more photos of the most recent snow in Rome,taken from our kitchen window.


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share everything blog said...

nice snow.. are your cold there ? :)

Quick meal ideas said...

this great post .. snow will make that cold

ICoR said...

@ shareeverything when you get out to the snow it's not so cold,but the coldness is trapped inside the house because the air can't circulate freely as in the open
@ QuickMeal Ideas if i got your gift of cooking,cold is nothing

djawa said...

wow., it's cool., but i sad., i don't have snow on my country :'(

hey there., do you want exchange links with me.,? please replay,. :D

petitecafe said...

It's nice to have snow... it's very hot in my country now

reyah said...

I dont know how it felt because i never experience snow in my country. But what i have saw here it look nice.