Childish Miscellaneous kit

Light update only,for today: I guess, all or most kids want to show off to their playmates. Even in their school, once a week the little ones are allowed to bring to school their most favorite toy,not that they don't have toys in their classroom.On the contrary they're full with toys and books and many educational materials that train them for the real life,like they have mini-kitchen, mini-house. She sometimes would tell me if she played the 'waitress',at school they're trained to serve tables during the meals. Kids as small as three years old are already taught the main domestic chores or social ethics.To help the smaller ones and have the attitude of sharing. One Friday, she asked me to carry this small kit and I didn't have the time to see what were in it. Just a few days ago, I was amused to see all the colorful things that she cared to include in her purse;a hand lotion, her shades, her hand-knit coin purse,kiddie make-up kit, and 'fancy' necklaces. To be honest,when I was around her age I didn't have much to enjoy and now, I'm thankful for GOD's blessings that enable us to give fancy things for our daughter to enjoy.


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Dentist Geelong said...

How I wish to be like a child again to make those old childish things done. Just another day to visit your site again.. Great post!!!