I just turned a year older three days ago and so I'm past the age when life is supposed to begin. (if you're familiar with the saying,you'll get what I mean).'Speaking' of begin, I think my vision is beginning to deteriorate.Sad to say,at this stage in life,many of the bodily functions which used to be energetic during the prime of life,gradually lose their youthful verve.And vision is one of them.I never had difficulty seeing or reading even the most miniscule texts,before. Now, I notice that I have to extend my hand further just to be able to read a text before me.I realize it maybe time for me to wear prescription eyeglasses.I heard of Zenni Optical eyeglasses so I checked them out and discovered that they offer a variety of trendy and cheap prescription eyeglasses which can be customized according to the wearer's requirements.What's more,each pair of eyeglasses has oleophobic coating which repels water,oil,dust and fingerprints,so there's no need to constantly wipe the lens to keep it clear.Another technologically advanced quality of Zenni Optical eyeglasses is the AR (Anti-Reflection) coating which protects from glaring lights,most advantageous when driving,taking pictures or under the dazzling sunlight.The biggest surprise is that their prices are very cheap,they even have$6.95 presription eyeglasses Once I confirm from the eye doctor that I should wear eyeglasses,my first and best option would definitely beZenni Optical.
My guests on my birthday.


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pinaymomonline said...

Think I should get one too...

Techno Xpert said...

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