Gold Economy

I should have taken a photo of the little gold pin that I found on the ground over a week ago, before selling it yesterday at the goldbuyer's shop. Nevertheless, it looks very similar to the pin shown in the photo above,only there is a lady's face etched on it. Actually I wasn't sure that it was gold until I had it checked yesterday and when it was confirmed to be so I quickly decided to cash it.I was paid €40 for it. A peculiar thing about gold these days is that, here in Rome more and more gold buyer stores are being set up. It seems that you can see one every one hundred meters distance. I suspect that it is somehow connected to some economic scheme which might just be implemented any moment, considering all the financial chaos going on in many first world countries.The economic situation might go back to Gold standard of trading, although at this point it doesn't seem to be relevant but it is a possible option especially in a worldwide transition when inevitably the world will be unified in one currency. Who knows? But I guess gold will always remain to be a timeless asset.


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