The season for bargain sale has just concluded and as usual it enticed us with many colorful material attractions just like the ones appearing in the photo above. As I have already mentioned, I am attracted to gold colors or more specifically gold jewelries.Lately I have also been buying some nice gold motif apparel and I think I have enough of gold in my closet.Also, this last bargain sale didn't yield positive results partly due to crisis,but partly also because some stores offered a 'deceptive' sale in that the bargain price was just a little less than the original price,contrary to the discount percentage displayed. People can easily recognize a real drop down price and will gravitate at the real bargain sale. Actually I got a lot of things I'd like to buy in addition to clothes or the matching 'golden bag'. My friend was telling me that she just bought a new tablet PC I could use a handy PC tablet to ease the load off my bag.


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