Wishing For Second Home

I am what you can consider a city girl,having lived all my life in two cities, the first being the Philippine capital and now for almost twelve years , here in the Italian capital of Rome, which is what majority of tourists consider the best place to be. Well,as it is city-life means rush hours, noise and pollution, of course it has also the good perks like job and business opportunities, beautiful diversities, technological updates and many other.
But every now and then, I wish for a change in environment,a break from the hustle and bustle of city-life. Even my own five year old-daughter asks us,her dad and mom,if we could buy a second home with a spacious balcony and a garden where she could keep or play with a real cat and dog. As a family,we share this same desire of a second home, without necessarily giving up our present apartment because we are strategically located. We are just a few minutes away on foot, from the main community market,we are surrounded by all the necessary institutions like the school (kindergarten, elementary and high school-they're all just a walking-distance from our house), also the municipal hall, government and private medical clinics, supermarkets and many stores and snack bars.
But I conclude that,if ever it will materialize, we might as well deal directly with the Real Estate Owned Foreclosures which will save us a lot of money,compared to buying from real estate developers. It is my personal opinion that buying homes from them would be more economical because they don't charge all the fees that most real estate developers charge their clients. The house that we desire is a bungalow type by the country, surrounded by greeneries, quiet and tranquility and fresh air. Hopefully somewhere in Colorado or Massachusetts or Texas USA.


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