Traditional Roman Christmas '11

I have marked this best Christmas with a video commemorating our family's celebration. On Christmas eve, we received a lot of very nice gifts and stuffed with tasty italian cuisine and filled with warm love by my husband's family.On the 25th we went to European-renowned Circus Medrano,my first time to go to a circus show. I, particularly dedicate this to my family in the Philippines, who knows where we used to be and what we've been through, for many years, that they may not only know but experience for themselves, the GOD who brought these blessings to us and to them.For somebody like me, who used to live in extreme poverty, (we couldn't afford to buy clothes and toys,even our house furnitures were assembled from pieces of wood gathered from the streets by my jobless father). Ridicule and scorn were not uncommon to us as a family, although we lived in a so-called apartment adjacent to the slum area, it was nevertheles indecent habitation in many unhygienic ways and it flooded all over the house at the slightest of rain. I really never realized that there was more to life, if you find the Giver of it and its abundance. My mother eventually was able to go to work in the USA just a month after I came into a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ (October 13, 1983), there she stayed for twenty three long years and we, her children grew up lacking in parental guidance and caring and love, but sufficient financial support. So, nobody really coached me about life and the essential things, all I had was the survival mindset. Now, I'm grateful to GOD who paid for all the things I lacked in the past, and I'm enjoying them together with my little daughter. All the love, the material pleasures, wisdom to live, a good job, good health and Christian family.And all these wouldn't mean a thing without the grace and love of the One who brought Christmas into our world. “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld His Glory, the Glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of Grace and Truth.” – John 1:14

Music Courtesy of Matt Papa 'O Fount of Love' from the Album 'This Changes Everything' Available for retail download in itunes. Although I purchased this song from iTunes,it was in another extension file which is not supported by youtube,and so with some tweaking it was converted to an acceptable file but the last part of the song has been omitted and so this explains the redundant music, but I like Matt Papa's contemporary-style and performance.


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