Queuing in a Restaurant

Having worked for several years in a position which deals mainly with customer satisfaction or people oriented field, I have a first hand knowledge of the importance of the customer's contentment which is one of the main factors in the success of the business. Although sometimes customers are inevitably inconvenienced, for reasons beyond the control of the company or business in that case, the company may consider compensating through excelling in another phase of their service. For instance, everytime we eat in Hard Rock, we were made to wait an hour or more just to be seated, we would be given this electronic pager
to announce our turn. After you get the seats, you will have to wait some more minutes before the waiter decides to get your orders and another twenty some minutes for them to be actually served. You might as well eat first before considering entering this restaurant. And the wait isn't convenient especially when it's cold outside the restaurant and you got small kids. There must be another way to entertain the customers while they're waiting. For this disservice, we and my friends avoid Hard Rock. For instance, as shown in the picture, customers are waiting to be seated and I see this sight fairly enough around Rome. Something that I never experienced in the U. S. nor in the Philippines. Not only in restaurants should customer satisfaction be highlighted but in every kind of business or service.


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