Multi-function Printers OnThe Road

One of the privileges, (if I may call it that) of my job is being able to travel around Rome,as I get assigned to different areas.In doing so,I get to chance upon some particular objects like these which are both a pity to ignore and a beauty to take home.Well,some Italians would throw away printers (I suppose,they're working) like these just because they want or they have bought a new one.I also have friends who almost filled their house with appliances found in the streets. Or five years ago,a month after I gave birth we had our apartment renovated and we threw away most of our (working) appliances (two 2-door refs and six-burner gas range) and home furnitures, to give way to the new ones. But quite frankly this Italian habit is annoying. If it were up to me,I would keep things as long as they're working. Like these printers, apparently both multi-function Epson.Anyways, there is a host of cheap or discounted multi-function printers now,almost all electronic stores sell them on 0% interest loan.


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