Free Music Lessons in Rome

We are keen on enrolling our 5 year old daughter to a music school and I have made some inquiries concerning it,well I found out that it 's important for the violin to be custom-made for the musician or violinist.Violin is the preferred instrument of our child.She is musically-inclined because she still plays with plastic musical toys which she's had since she was three years old.Even with any object she would play music,glasses or kitchen utensils.But when asked of her favorite,she would respond with utter certainty 'violin'. I also asked a local music store specializing in violins, about the normal price and I was slightly taken aback to learn that a little custom-made violin costs a minimum of €500. So, I hope that the music school where she will hopefully go will loan her the instrument during the actual lessons.I found a school not so far from our place,it's private and understandably it costs.Then this morning, when I went to work I found an announcement posted by an immigrant charity organization that provides free music lessons to kids.It's a bit far from where we live but I don't think distance matters so much now, anyway it's just a once-a-week activity.It's important for me first to make our child happy, second reason,music develops and improves the brain activity and soothes the condition of the listener. So here's hoping everything goes smoothly for this family desire.


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