Flea Markets in Rome

In general,as it is in the U.S. where most residences are isolated from the main commercial areas or downtown shopping center, flea markets populate every community, usually open from 9 in the morning until 2 p. m.
The Lady Doggie Aficionado:
Yesterday, I started work at 2 p.m. and finished at 6 so I had time for a quick Christmas shopping at the nearby fleamarket,in the morning.And it was,while I was doing the rounds of the stands, I noticed a chubby middle aged lady checking out the small stuffed toys and it took her quite some time before hesitantly deciding on a rather cute yellow doggie.And without anybody asking her, or maybe she was aware that those cheap stuffed toys weren't really ideal for gifts,she explained that they have a tall Christmas tree and its base is full of gifts,and that her dog,as if appreciating or understanding Christmas,conveyed to her the desire to get a gift too.She said that she would even wrap the toy for her dog.Talk of dog aficionado.Italians in general are pet lovers,or more specifically, dog lovers.
Are You Married ?
As it is, I was both born and raised in the notorious capital of Manila Philippines,the Universtiy belt area and its culture somehow influenced or honed my 'bargaining' skills. And so,the next stand sold woolen coats, the cheap brand.I asked about the size,as I was unsure if it would fit my niece-in law who is a tall and robust 28-year old italian .. .I asked if I could return it in case and it led to a conversation longer than necessary where he asked a curious question 'Are you married?'. I confirmed and asked for a €2 discount claiming that I saw the same clothes being sold for €2 less,in another area,which by the say is true and I didn't buy right away then because I was on my way to my lessons,I had no time and I was carrying too much load. And so I bought two items which totaled €17, the ones shown in the photo above the long brown hooded cardigan and a simple flesh sweater. He would have given me just what I asked for,if only I had the exact change.At the end,I was only able to avail of €1.50 discount. In addition, I bought two necklace/accessories,a kit box and a pair of male pyjamas.
Below, is the photo of the gifts for kids, I already had the 2 wrapped in the mall to save me time (educational mini-computer for boys and musical piano-book for a one-year old babygirl, a red dress for a 6-month old baby and a Barbie Charm Academy Princess for my daughter
Three more gifts for adults and we're done with our shopping list and the next step is gift-wrapping. I still have to work until Friday and tomorrow is my daughter's (class) Christmas performance at her kindergarten school. As you would know,the way of the Italians in gift-giving, each person has to give a gift to every person and the same person will receive gift from everyone. I find it expensive and tedious, to be figuring out what gift to give to each person and eventually shopping for a number of people.It would be simpler to raffle out the names and give a gift only to the one person you pick-out from the raffle,of course,the gifts for children are a ChristMust.
We wish all co-bloggers and everyone, a Very Blessed and Merry Christmas !


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