All's Well That Ends Well:Another Teaching MiIestone

Last week, I had an argument with my boss due to conflict in scheduling.She keeps on assigning me new students (thankfully) but the problem was that,the time allowance given, to get from one place to the next is too short considering the traffic and walking or getting to the bus stop and waiting for the bus and the travel time.So we didn't hear from each other for a few days but when it came time for us to settle with the payments (of the students) she explained her reason in a calmer manner. Now I realize that I've been slightly narrow-minded and I see her point.She said that I could arrive 15 minutes late to my lesson, and personally or professionally adjust to the student's reaction, as some students might get irritated or offended. Also this week, I would have received some more payments from my freelance lessons but one group canceled our meeting this week,and I, myself,also had to cancel my two other lessons due to personal reasons. So the cash collectibles are due for next week. And there is peace between me and my boss! I really appreciate very much this peculiar position of an English teacher, because unlike the traditional office jobs, I don't have a Supervisor above or behind me who orders me around, I got a flexible schedule (days) and time, and 'variable workplace', I have full independence on how I will execute every course depending on the need or knowledge level of the student. Yet still, the need to increase our financial income is pressing. So here's hoping to discover more sources and fountains of money.


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