What is Gladvertising?

Gladvertsising is an outdoor medium of advertisement (displayed on digital billboards)in public areas like the bus station,the mall or business shops. Major technopreneurs and marketing developers together have raced against time to make this innovative advertising, a reality. Steven Spielberg adopted this technology in his film starring Tom Cruise,the Minority Report,then followed to predict that this innovation will be a reality by 2054 which was consequently rebuffed by the Chief of |GTG(Geographic Technologies Group) Mr. Daniel Steinbichler,claiming that it will be available by 2015. A revolutionary marketing strategy,Gladvertising generates announcements or ads based on the facial expression of the onlooker. For example, if an individual projects a sad face,Gladvertising could produce a publicity suggesting a happy holiday or vacation in a tropical paradise. As it is, Gladvertising is programmed to be sensitive to the major human emotions like sadness,happiness,fear or anger and therefore capable of reacting to the individual's situation through ads. This technology is also designed to align with the applications currently being used by iphone, 3DTV's or touchscreen medium and has the capability to access the individual's personal information profile through NFC (Near Fiel Communication) which recognizes the data in the iphone (facebook account,medical info. i. e. allergy info. ) and thereby,generate ads relative to the individual's profile. As it is, we ain't seen nothing yet when it comes to technology advancement which is constantly progressing in a faster pace.What is your opinion on this? Is it good or bad for us, as a society and as an individual?Let me know your stand on this.Post in the comment section,to share your opinion.Thanks.


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