Versatile Shoes

It's been days that I've been wondering where I can find shoes that are convenient both for work and mundane outdoor errands like buying the groceries in the nearby supermarket, which can be presentable both with rugged attire and a working suit.Then, just the other day I found this pair which is just the perfect answer to my idea of shoes.Actually the Hogan brand of shoes is the most popular here in Rome,which is also my favorite and imitations of it are also sold here,just as with signature bags like Louie Vuitton etc. But this shiny black pair corresponds to my budget at this point in time.I can wear them with my work suit or,when I'm simply running errands in rugged jeans. They're also comfortable as they're not too high, and easy for walking because they're soft inside. Shoe business must be a thriving business in countries where there are four seasons (summer, winter spring and fall) like Italy.And since people have to adjust to these temperature changes, there are more varieties of shoe styles and types.During summer one may simply wear open shoes or sandals, while in winter people have to cover their skin very well and so the popular style for winter are leather boots. However this verstyle shoes can be good be it winter or summer.


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