Italian Youth Talent Show:Maria Di Filippi

I recorded this part,as I would like to share about this Italian Youth Talent Show, called Amici di Maria Di Filippi ( Friends of Maria Di Filippi,Italy's top TV host). As much as I can,I try to watch every episode. This show is about completely unknown, but talented teenagers who are initially chosen through a major audition,after passing which,they will undergo another process of elimination live on TV.There are two categories for the young talented participants:dancers and singers. The finalists will then be consequently mixed together to form three groups (each group consists of dancers and singers) and compete with each other. The judges are also grouped in the same way (judge for singers and judges for dancers) and each judge has to both hone the talent of the protegees,and defend them during each competition. The judges' opinion can greatly affect the standing of each talent group, (later on,the individual talent or contestant)but,what counts the most is the voting from the viewers,who will ultimately decide the winner. What is interesting and very entertaining about this format is that,most participants (judges and talents) are very unpredictably uninhibited and straightforward as is the common characteristic of Italians.So one might watch a serious altercation between judges or between talents or between judges and talents, which most of the time,are both heated and humorous. After this particular scene,another altercation followed which amused me again to laughter. Eventually at the end of this program's season,a single winner will be announced who will proceed to get the €300,000 cash prize plus showbiz entertainment contracts, music album and everything else that will guarantee him fame and fortune for the next months or years.


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