Early for Christmas

Back when I was in the Philippines I used to frequently go to National Bookstore in C.M. Recto(I was born, and grew up around the University Belt area).I go there mostly just to check out the latest bestselling book,back then in the early 1990's internet wasn't a full-blown phenomenon yet.I appreciate the host of choices available such as the diverse and very artistic greeting cards and,that they were cheap.Now,here in Rome such kind of store doesn't exist,of course there are also stores at the mall but not quite like National Bookstore which is exclusively dedicated to school and office supplies and other gift items or related products.I miss the beautiful and cheap greeting cards.(Yes,I'm aware of electronic greetings) Greeting cards here are found in small local bars (as they call it) but they're actually a mini-store that sell mixed items including limited number of greeting cards,cigarettes,chocobars/candies,knick-knacks,fancy jewelries kiddie stuff.It is there that one can usually buy very plain and simple greeting cards at an unfair price (€2.50 each). But as it is, my job as a private English tutor allows me to roam a lot around the Rome center as I have to go to where my students are (in-company or private homes) and in doing so,I chanced upon these very nice Christmas cards for only €1,and in English language at that. So I bought 5 of them.I really need to send personal cards to thank our relatives in the U.S.A. who hosted us for one month when we spent our vacation there four years ago.They took us to very beautiful places,including Las Vegas and Reno Nevada Los Angeles,San Francisco,Sacramento etc.
So,these Christmas cards are just a very small token of our gratitude for their amazing hospitality.


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