Bagolaro Restaurant In Rieti

Two weeks ago,we attended a 4 month-old baby's baptism.It was a very nice occasion and ceremony,and weather.We were in the company of beautiful and elegant people, young and old.And so the reception followed at a restaurant,one hour away from Rome, by car.But the long trip was worth it,because it afforded us guests,the scenic countryside view along the way to Rieti,where this Agri-tourism restaurant was. The restaurant is called BAgolaro,it's located in the midst of olives plantation,nestled by the mountainfoot.Not only is the panorama around the restaurant breathtaking,the air very fresh but the service provided by the restaurant staff was impeccable.Not to mention,all the sumptuous food served.I really appreciate the very professional manner that the waiters served the guests. There is a head waiter that directs the other waiters where to serve,or when to remove plates or to serve the dishes (As there are several,separate groups of customers). They have a particular way of holding the plate,when they serve or remove dishes.As it is,the italian meal is a complete course consisting of appetizer then first plate (carbohydrates:pasta,rice),second plate;meat or fish or coldcuts with side dish like potatoes or vegetables,then to finish off there's the fruit or sweets or vegetable salad.But on this occasion in place of fruit,since it is a baptism there was the cake.The entire day was made even more positively memorable by merit of Bagolaro's exemplary service and delicious food.
This is the long convoy of cars of the people attending the baptism reception,we all pulled over to check if the rest were able to keep up with the trip.


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