Real Estate Venture

Lately I have been trying  my hand in the field of real estate on a freelance basis.Although I also have tie-up with some bigtime Philippine Real Estate Developers,they're mostly limited to ready-for-occupancy (or pre-selling of future) residential properties,and not so much with parcels of land.I find it is also more profitable to deal independently with prospective buyers,especially with small scale foreign investors (italians) who would appreciate setting up business in the Philippines,in the area of tourism.My main target is to sell beachfront properties,as they're more in-demand.At this point,I have received several inquiries concerning this matter and I have also obtained contact with a land broker in Palawan where there are many beach properties which are really potential tourist investments.Of course,there are also hurdles like legal issues,documentations and legal processes,the distance which limits me from showing the actual properties to the prospective buyer,but it's not that complicated.Over all,it just takes a well-organized plan of action to carry out each transaction.


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