Covenant Cookies, GOD 's Cookies

I wish we had covenant Cookies in our part of the world.Cookies that are made not solely to nourish the physical body but also to inspire the soul.For,every time you take a bite of it,you wouldn't help but remember its origins.You can trace it back to GOD.They are cookies coupled with nuggets of GOD's Word to uplift the eater. It must have been twice that I happened to watch the now-Pastor and creator of Covenant Cookies Mrs. Lauretta Pierce sharing her powerful testimony over TBN a Christian network and each time I heard it,I couldn't help but cry and be inspired and feel confident that GOD sees and cares for each of us.She practically started from rugs,having suffered so much from an abusive relationship,lost her home,she also lost her job due to her ailing daughter,they were living through the cold and the hot seasons in their car.Pastor Lauretta had no one and amidst her tremendous difficulties she called on GOD and demanded and claimed GOD's promises on HIS Word (Bible) and over time everything turned for the better.Her daughter was healed of tumor, and also obtained a degree.But not before she distributed cookies to the poor people of Atlanta of which she is a native.Now with GOD's grace her cookie business has actually branched out to different parts of the world and even now,importing into the US beans for her new venture in the coffee business.Hers is a very inspiring story that never fails to impress and overwhelm me everytime.That's why it is worth sharing here.MAy you be inspired and Blessed.


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