Computer Course

In my attempt to learn computer programming on my own I have visited a lot of online tutorials which really help and provide comprehensive information.But all these information seem to be unproductive without somebody guiding  and teaching you.There is much theory and no hands-on training which is easily accessible in a formal school.Therefore,I conclude that the traditional formal classroom technique is still the best form of learning.In that environment the student is provided the opportunity to interact with both the Professor and other students, for whatever concerns and needs he might have.The reason why I would like to learn computer programming is to be able to earn more financially, as computer jobs here in Rome pay more than my job as an English Teacher.As it is,I am always grateful for my current work as it gives me flexibility with time therefore allowing me to balance all my daily activities as a working mother and housewife.
Hopefully when we get back to the Philippines for a vacation, I will definitely enroll for a crash course on computer programming.Have a nice day everyone!May all our dreams come true!


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