Courageous The Movie

 A new blockbuster movie in the making Courageous The Movie i s showing this September 30th in the US theaters.Most of us entertain ourselves mainly by watching new films,and if we are going to be entertained we might as well deliberately make a wise decision.What you see is what you get,what you watch is what your mind absorbs.And since our mind is our most treasured weapon in living we might as well feed it with only the meaningful and positive stuff like Courageous The Movie which instills positive values not only to the individual,but al so to our family as a whole.I also like the actors in this film,I can recognize the lead role in the recent films Alex Kendrick of  'Facing the Giants'  and Kevin Downes of 'Six The Mark Unleashed'.I have seen both movies and I say both are brilliant masterpieces.I've also peeked into the this new movietrailer and I know it will touch many hearts because it transmits a positive and relevant message for our present day situations. I wish everyone happy viewing!GOD BLESS Tremendously.


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