It's good to see that Christian trend is now gradually gaining territory in the secular society,particularly in the movie industry and even in the comedy genre at that . It's not really the usual serious and 'politically correct' movie,by strict Christian standards but the movie Jumping The Broom has the power to relate and speak to many of us in a hilarious way,and at the same time convey the Christian values. It's a comedy portrayal six couples who commit to abstaining from pre-marital sex.The recent news about this film is that it placed second at the U.S.  box-offices and hopefully it will perform the same way when it releases here in Europe.We should always support Christian movies but our message to Christian producers is that we,as Christian viewers also need to laugh and be entertained.And our message to Christian moviegoers is:Support wholesome and Christian movies.GOD BLESS us.Happy weekend everybody!


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