UnMerited Favor by Joseph Prince

There 's a new very good book for Christians and non,alike.In line with the recent equally magnificent book by the Singaporean Pastor Joseph Prince, this new literary masterpiece definitely will bless your soul,and its pages will definitely relieve you of emotional and spiritual burdens handed down to us through traditional and religious practices. This will revolutionize your view of GOD and our relationship with HIM, and empower your life. Guilt and fear are satan's tools in setting us back in our steps in life,even in approaching GOD.But Pastor Joseph Prince teaches what very few pastors teach,in a nutshell it can be summarized in this:GOD has restored our position and relationship with HIM through the Blood of the Lord JESUS,we now have the same relationship Adam enjoyed with GOD before he led humanity to fall.And everything we ever need in this life is provided,both in the physical and spiritual realm.And faith reconciles us to this Unmerited Favor.This magnificent book is also a very ideal gift for loved ones.The LORDGOD Almighty bless each of us with a Prosperous and Merry CHristmas and New Year 2011.


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