I should have posted this in time for this Christmas that just passed,instead I have been-slow to say the least.But this is so overwhelmingly worth the sharing,as I personally have always been infatuated with the stars.Almost every night I would greet the brightest star that would regularly pop out in the skies,at the first sign of darkness and if my memory serves me right its name is Ceres. When I was younger and full of burning dreams,I used to dream often of shooting stars and on some rare times GOD shot some stars up in the sky for me to wish on,and I say that those wishes came true.Of a young love coming to me,or being in a greener pasture.
And so the other day I was watching Behind The Scenes,a TBN program where the guest was Dr. Rick Larson (a lawyer by profession) who conducted a comprehensive investigation on the Bethlehem Star,and their subject was the 'bestest' or greatest star in the history of GOD's Love for you and me.The Star that announced the birth of our Lord JESUS,to complete HIS everlasting act of bringing us back to HIMSELF - after the fall of Adam.Dr. Rick Larson produced this documentary film in an effort to de-mystify and validate the existence of this star  And so in this time of Christmas festivities (this post will still coincide with the Three Kings who followed the Bethlehem Star).Today on New Year's celebration as we make new wishes and desires in the name of a better future,let this Bethlehem Star be your testimony and wishing star in the confines of your own heart.Happy New Year Everyone PRAISE THE LORD.May the LORD GOD Almighty prosper our health,wealth and relationships even more, this 2011.


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