Okay, this feature by the BBC was obviously delivered in a bad or negative light,in much the same way as there were bitter oppositions when the Apple Company launched its 'baby' iPAD recently (which turned out to be worldwide success sales-wise, and  also by now has branched-out to iPhone4).I think we'll do very well to just ignore the handsome man's opinion and focus on the car.
Now here's another 'baby' on-the-road named TESLA ROADSTER that is indeed the answer to the worldwide clamor for green technology.It's the brainchild of  TESLA Motors a New York based manufacturer of environmentally friendly electric cars, and which this week also has launched its Initial Product Offering for interested investors.  The good aspects of this Roadster model, besides its contribution to environment welfare, is obviously its aesthetic appearance almost like a Lamborghini.It's a 2-seater which runs as fast as 250 km/hr just like any normal car (they also have other car models which can accommodate even 5 persons).
With the threats posed by the fears of oil reserve depletion and the rest of political, economic and ecological problems linked to the standard combustible fuel,it is high time that we common consumers patronize companies or products that dare to make an eco-friendly difference.

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