The Powers of Ten and The Privileged Planet

O Lord our Lord how excellent is YOUR Name in all the earth! Who has set YOUR glory above the heavens.When I consider the heavens, the work of YOUR fingers, the moon and the stars which YOU have ordained.What is man that YOU are mindful of him?Or the son of man that YOU visit him?. Psalm 8:1-3

My Eco-Friendly Prayer: STILL BLESSED
These are the days spent waiting--much prayers of the heart to GOD who has always come through to deliver us from all troubles. Our small kitchen still boasts of GOD's grace (there's the italian cake still intact as a gift last December) it's packed in such a way as to withstand prolonged conservation, as long as 2 years). But these waiting days are full of GOD's grace and mercy-when the season is crossing from spring to summer (strange it's been raining since Sunday, for a few days now, with some brief sunny intervals.Notwithstanding, these are wonderful days that see colored leaves falling,birds chirping constantly,new green leaves budding from the big oak tree, the greener stronger ones waiving praises to my GOD.The winds play along tenderly. Thank GOD for the eyes that see the splendor and beauty of HIS creations, for the ears that hear their sounds. Praise GOD for our strength and our health. For HIS mercies and grace I praise HIM and exalt HIM. I praise GOD for HIS peace in my heart and in our family and in our household. I praise GOD for HIS love and kindness. I praise GOD infinitely.
Not only is HE Great in the cosmic and all the earthly natural creations BUT HE is mainly Great in the works HE has done in Love through our Lord JEsus Christ.Even in my own life.How can I not continually Praise my GOD?Links The Privileged Planet  produced by


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