As it is, the Israel-Palestine conflict
has always been the concern not only of the leading world political powers, but also of many international radical and political groups.And I guess it will always be,until the end. And there have also been many misleading stories that aim to discredit the position of Israel.If there's one documentary movie that deals fairly with the perennially relevant issue between the Palestinians and the Jews, it must be the CONFLICT:THE POWER OF PROPAGANDA THE DOCUFILM. Here, Joe Israel, the creator/author of the docufilm supports his claims with hard evidences like film footages and historical facts. There are many very interesting aspects to this subject (the Palestinian children being brought-up or trained to hate and kill the jews,the outright bending of historical and biblical facts,the political pressures on Israel,from every side, to concede part of its already small territory Everytime, to its surrounding geographical and political opponents). It's really an eye-opener and will leave you with a desire to dare to do something. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:they shall prosper that love thee. (Psalms 122:6)


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