As summer approaches, so does the curiosity of most westerners as to where and how they will spend it. One interesting way to enjoy a summer vacation is through cruising. And the best way to cruise is with GOD.Why not? And how you might ask.

These days, Christian ministries have found a fresh approach in mixing gospel ministry with wholesome entertainment and unwinding. That means, when you join the cruise you will get to be ministered to, with the great love of GOD by the preaching of anointed pastors like Pastor Charles Stanley, you will be be uplifted and entertained by the finest worship voices. There will be a lot of stimulating activities that will keep you perked up during the trip.You will be fed with absolutely sumptuous meals, for both the spirit and body. And of course, you will be impressed by the beauty and magnificence of Alaska, the place and the people. So if you are one like me, who enjoys hearing about GOD's Love- through CHristian ministries, worship music and relaxation and fun, then you might want to sign up for the ALASKAN TOUR dated July 09-16 2010, with the INTOUCH MINISTRIES. MAY OUR LORD GOD CONTINUALLY PROSPER US IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.AMEN.


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