The Blind Side Film With Sandra Bullock

If there is one movie worth watching these days,it's The Blind Side which stars Sandra Bullock in another amazing performance. It's based on a true story, of a well-to-do Christian Touhy family that adopted a homeless, helpless black orphan named Michael Oher who eventually went on to become a famous lineman of his school's football team Ole Miss {BriarCrest Christian School} and who was also drafted last April for the NFL's Baltimore Ravens. {I'm not into football much,but as I understand the blind side is a part of a body of another player which must be protected by the lineman.}Now,I've seen the movie trailer several times and everytime I can't help but cry.
It 's a powerful movie in that it's a real story that speaks to each heart of hope and kindness. And by the way,it gave its competitor {twilight something ..} a tight boxoffice challenge with the Christian true story earning only 2.1 Million less than the fiction occult movie. Hopefully this will also send a message to the film producers that Christian values are still relevant even in the film industry. And if the moviegoers will continue to support these kinds of movies then we can influence the society in this way, the negative films eradicated. Link to a review of The Blind Side


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