Italian Design Shoes:Sciu' Sciu'

Last week I happened to be at one of the historical centers of Rome Pantheon, to meet Karina,married to an English baron.Enviably, she lives a jetset life having residences in New York,Rome and England. After this meeting I headed for my work and came across this nice shoe shop called Sciu'Sciu' that sells really impressively designed leather shoes,and the big deal is that at a reasonable price. They cater mainly to feminine clientelle. Their designs are tailormade for career-oriented women with zesty personality.Add to this,the fact that Italy is very strict when it comes to product quality,durability and originality.I have roamed enough Rome and the neighbouring areas to see the usual shops like this,and have never seen such unique designs and quality at such affordable prices. So I'm happy and proud to feature this find on my blog. Next time,may be I'll have to include also their address and contact infos.


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