Dr. John Ortberg: Faith And Doubt

If you want to improve your lot in life, you got to be pro-active.You have to deliberately concentrate on positive ideas.Our mind is much like a computer,it responds to the data that we input.As Matthew 9:29 "You become what you believe" or in Proverbs "As a man thinks,so is he".Our beliefs and thoughts are influenced by what our conscious mind takes in, or what we allow ourselves to see and hear, and it works on these same ideas that we feed on.
Dr. John Ortberg author of 'Faith And Doubt' recently preached as a guest Pastor in Crystal Cathedral with his inspiring message entitled "How Big Is GOD?". He dealt with the sort-of mediocre position most people choose (including me) to avoid problems and trials. It could be considered a challenge 'to get out of the boat' or what we could refer to as, bandwagon mentality.His most recent book "If You Want To Walk On Water,You Have To Get Out Of The Boat" teaches us why and how to take-on this unpopular and most of the time,risky choice. But as Peter could attest, it's an experience all worth the taking,only if you know that on the other side- are Jesus' rescuing hands.I personally testify that Jesus is always with us,even when the odds are against us-his children.I have very many 'Out-Of-The Boat' experiences which I was only able to overcome in Jesus' Blood, one for example, is when I stepped in for a job interview for a position others might consider too lofty for me.But look where our Lord Jesus has led me, I'm teaching English to high profile individuals (TV Host of an Italian Parliament program, media broadcaster and media personnel and Government functionaries among others).To GOD Be The Glory.


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