Towers of Faith:Innsbruck Austria

Are you fond of classical music? Or better yet, classical music that is pleasing to the GOD of heaven? Then, try watching The Joy of Music hosted by Diane Bish who, herself is an organ player with an astounding talent.And taste, I might add, for fashion and elegance. This program not only highlights beautiful music by the different legendary classical musicians like Joseph Sebastian Bach, Ludwig Van Beethoven,Chopin, Amadeus Mozart , Vivaldi etc., but also features many outstanding (mostly) European geographical attractions coupled with educational, historical and cultural informations. It also promotes many very talented musicians from different parts of the world, which normal people might not have otherwise been aware of, had they not watched her show.
Diane Bish usually performs in famous cathedrals, (particularly in Europe), on this particular episode entitled Towers of Faith she featured the natural beauty of Innsbruck Austria through Ludwig Van Beethoven's composition 'Worship of GOD in Nature
' perforned by the Tenor James King. The Wiltner Abbey Church's Boys Choir also sang 'GOD Has Made All Things Beautiful'.

Unlike rock music (which,might be inappropriate for elderly people), classical music is for both the young and the old, it is timeless and has a relaxing and soothing influence on the mind.


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