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All of us, in more than one way have experienced many (almost) unsurmountable life difficulties. I have been recently enjoying the heartwarming life testimonies of many Christians who have found The Way, (out of problems) The Truth (on how to live a better life) and The Life (indeed) more abundant which I have discovered for myself. Although this doesn't mean that my life is now perfect and trouble-free, but that SomeOne is taking care of the heavyweight life challenges which I can't overcome on my own.One very famous author that I really, really admire, Steven K. Scott has written again another very interesting book 'The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived' to follow his recent publication of 'The Richest Man Who Ever Lived' (King Solomon). This author used to be a hardcore atheist,until he was 16 years old, when two other very brilliant and intellectual individuals (who,themselves used to be atheists, also) shared the gospel with him.

The Miracle Of The Moment
"This life is just one page out of a hundred thrillion-pagebook.We couldn't judge our destiny in eternity, by what happens now." Steven K. Scott

As Dr. Steven was scheduled to speak before a conference, he learned one day before, that his son Devin had a tumor, and was coming back home to have a surgery that will remove the tumor. Although it was a major blow in his family life, however hard it was, he deliberately blocked the negative thoughts that bad news brought, and concentrated on the 'miracle of the moment' which is sharing his life testimony and teaching the gospel principles in living a more successful life. (But, what he didn't know was, the night before that lecture, his son was miraculously healed.)
At the end of his speaking engagement he apologized to his audience and explained his son's
condition. So the Pastor, (Graham) approached him immediately and told him that he together with his church's servant-leaders (leaders with the heart of a servant) would pray for his son. Pastor Graham's prayer went;
" FATHER, we thank You that You are The Great Physician and no one is like You, and that this is a small thing to You.We pray that You will vaporize the tumor and when the doctor opens him(the son,Devin) up for surgery, he will say;'I'm confused,I couldn't find the tumor.I don't understand this. I have never seen anything like this.'

The surgery was scheduled on a Monday at 2:30pm, a few hours before, the surgeon ran the standard preliminary tests on his son to ascertain or check the growth. At 12:30 nn however, he called Dr. Steven and these were his words;
' . . ..the damage of the cancer was there, but the tumor wasn't there anymore.we're all confused.We couldn't understand this.'

On another conversation he pronounced the other words on Pastor Graham's prayer:
'I have never seen anything like this.'
Great Testimony ain't it? Well if you still want to know more of GOD's power at work in the lives of many famous men and women just click here.


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