Pebble Beach Resort

Whether you are searching for a venue to celebrate some important event (anniversary, reunion,conference, seminars, corporate or sporting events or tournaments), or simply eyeing for a perfect paradise to relax , unwind and enjoy with your family and friends; The Pebble Beach Resorts is an excellent place that offers the best amenities to render all occasions both special and fulfilling.

The Pebble Beach Resorts, the western part of which, faces the Pacific Ocean, is a vast natural expanse located in Monterey California, home to the magnificent spot for the world famous Lone Cypress tree at the Monterey Bay, This Lone Cypress tree which is visible from the 17-Mile-Drive, is the official symbol of the Pebble Beach Community.
The Pebble Beach also boasts of three luxurious hotels namely; 

 The Lodge at Pebble Beach, with its stately prominence, provides a refreshing and relaxing oceanside view and also a host of entertaining activities for adventurous guests;

 The Inn at the Spanish Bay which is nestled on the greeneries between the Del Monte Forest and the Pacific Ocean shores, depict breathtaking sceneries is a perfect abode for romantic get-aways and;

 Casa Palmero, a Mediterranean inspired architecture and design offers magnificent panorama of the first and second fairways of the Pebble Beach Golf Links for the enjoyment of golf enthusiasts and adventurers alike.

All the three hotels within the Pebble Beach community provide elegant relaxation and refreshing unwinding experience through the host of different activities and amenities that entertain and pamper the guests, like spa,


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