I suppose 'techno-teaching' or teaching with the aid of multimedia is now becoming a fad among my co-teachers ( or who knows maybe,also with other private tutors). Aside from teaching inside the school premises we are also often assigned to do private lessons in different locations (wether private homes or government institutions or private companies) As it is, every student has a different level of english knowledge and skills and it is not often practical to carry around heavy teaching materials like books or the like, especially if a student has already a good knowledge of english grammar, or only needs to a learn good pronunciation.In this case I (or we often) conduct listening exercises , just to familiarize them with english pronunciation. Then we get to discuss the topic in the exercises just to indulge them in the conversation so they could practice speaking in english. Due to this, most of the teachers have and use their own laptop loaded with files and documents of english lessons both in audio and visual (sometimes short films) or in varied forms and levels. For this reason I also have started eyeing for a cheap and quality netbook to use for my own outdoor private lessons. I have seen this ACER netbook ASPONEA1 110xwhite (Netbook Intel Atom N270 1.60 GHz RAM 1024Mb, 16Gb memoria flash, display 8.9", WiFi 802.11b/g,... ) in one of the leading appliance and electronic gadget stores here in Rome Euronics. I think the specs are good and competent enough for the purpose. It also has wi-fi bluetooth, etc.It costs lower (Euros189) than its contemporaries. Although I tried searching on ebay and I definitely have found many cheaper items but I think over-all, it will cost the same- considering if I have to pay for the customs fee- for the delivery etc. I have called the store to check for the availability but their response was negative it quickly ran-out of stock.The discount offer lasts until May 25 so I hope to be able to take advantage of this sale.Keeping my fingers crossed . .


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